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Importance of Heat Transfer Phenomena in Small Turbochargers for Passenger Car Applications

Nowadays turbocharging the internal combustion engine has become a key point in both the reduction of pollutant emissions and the improvement of engine performance. The matching between turbocharger and engine is difficult; some of the reasons are the highly unsteady flow and the variety of diabatic and off-design conditions the turbocharger works with. In present paper the importance of the heat transfer phenomena inside small automotive turbochargers will be analyzed. These phenomena will be studied from the point of view of internal heat transfer between turbine and compressor and with a one-dimensional approach. A series of tests in a gas stand, with steady and pulsating hot flow in the turbine side, will be modeled to show the good agreement in turbocharger enthalpies prediction. The goodness of the model will be also shown predicting turbine and compressor outlet temperatures.