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Technical Paper

Study of Influence of Electron Beam Treatment on Surface Properties of the Material Produced by Selective Laser Melting

The treatment of solid surface by powerful streams of charged particles accelerated with power density ≥106 W/cm2 widely used for modification of different materials properties. The fast enter of electron beam power in the material of target causes the flow intense thermal and deformation processes. The changing of the structure, the phase composition, the microrelief of treated surface consequently happens. It is often accompanied by the hardening and increase of the wearing properties. The work proposed of using low-energy high-current electron beam as finish treatment of product obtained by selective laser melting of heat-resistant nickel alloy EP648. The subject of research was the surface properties of the product.
Technical Paper

Method of Producing Composite Powder EP648-Al2O3 for Selective Laser Melting Usage

The development of Additive Technologies (SLS/SLM, EBM, DMD) suggests the increase of range expansion of materials used. One of the most promising directions is products manufacturing from composite materials. The technology of composite micro-powders production on the basis of heat-resistant nickel alloy EP648 and Al2O3 is proposed. The aim of this research is to develop a method of producing composite micropowders for additive technology application. This method is based on modification of the metal micropowders surface by the second phase in a planetary mixer (mechanochemical synthesis).The obtained composite micropowders are compared with powders which are recommended for selective laser melting usage (produced by MTT Technology). The equipment used in the research: planetary mixer, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), optical granulomorphometer Occio 500nano.