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Technical Paper

Fiber-Optic Data Link for Vehicle Navigation

Fiber-optic data links have been developed for use in vehicle navigation systems, especially for the communication of CD data. The links consist of transmitters, receivers, and cable assemblies. The transmitters, which include only LEDs, must have driver circuits on their exteriors. In the receiver section, a PD, an amplifier, and a TTL compatible comparator are all integrated into the custom designed IC which is hermetically sealed into an originally developed metal package. Small optical connectors and heat-resistant plastic fiber cords with sufficient reliability and good operability for automotive uses have also been developed.
Technical Paper

Double-Layer Valve Seat Inserts for Passenger Car Diesel Engines

A new double-layer valve seat insert has been developed for use in high performance diesel engine of passenger car. The seat layer is composed of a sintered alloy of a high wear resistance and a high heat resistance. The base layer is composed of a sintered alloy of a higher heat resistance than that of the seat layer. This double-layer valve seat insert was proven to have good wear resistance and heat resistance in a durability test on the diesel engine with a turbocharger system.