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Technical Paper

Integrated Power Unit-Advanced Development

This paper summarizes progress for the “Integrated Power Unit - Advanced Development” program under contract with the U.S. Air Force at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio. This is a 58 month program beginning in February 1996, and ending in December 2000. Figure 1 is a program schedule that identifies major tasks and timing of the phases. The scope of this effort is to design, build, and ground test a highly integrated, air-breathing, electrical power unit which demonstrates the critical design and integration features required for a simple, durable, and reliable Integrated Power Unit (IPU). The IPU must be electrically linked for self starting, main engine electrical starting and as a major source of redundant electric power for the aircraft's main electric power system. Figure 2 shows a mockup of a prototypic IPU design.
Technical Paper

Benefits Assessment of More Electric Aircraft Generation II Technologies

The Air Force Research Laboratory is currently funding efforts under the More-Electric Aircraft (MEA) Generation II Study for developing a preliminary design of an electrical power generation and distribution system (EPGDS) for flight demonstration of an Internal Starter/Generator (IS/G) for the main engine on an advanced fighter-class aircraft. The MEA Initiative is a phased, goal-oriented, effort that develops technologies to enable the use of electrical power to perform aircraft functions that historically have been powered hydraulically, mechanically, or pneumatically. The use of electrical power for these functions has the potential for enhanced aircraft performance through improved efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and supportability. Today, the MEA effort is in its second phase, with an anticipated technology availability date of 2005.