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Technical Paper

Cavitation Erosion-Corrosion Testing in Aluminum Pumps with Engine Coolants

The development of a laboratory test for cavitation erosion corrosion of aluminum pumps with engine coolants is described. It is based on the standard ASTM D2809 test stand but incorporates the pump and cover from a Chrysler 5.9l (360 cu. in.) engine. Operating conditions are varied to simulate components taken from vehicle service. Light duty vehicle service results, obtained in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, for three types of coolant technology with the test pump are presented. Field results include large variations in cavitation protection. Included were two organic acid (OA) coolants, a traditional North American silicate and a European OA silicate hybrid. Comparisons are drawn with the standard ASTM D2809 test, additional components are presented and corrosion morphology discussed.