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Performance Specification Anti-Seize Thread Compound, High Temperature

This foundation specification (AMS3050) and its associated category specifications (AMS3050/1 through AMS3050/9) cover anti-seize compounds for use on threads of nuts, studs, bolts, and other mating surfaces, including those of superheated steam installations, at temperatures up to 1050 °F (566 °C). Compounds containing PTFE are limited to 600 °F/315 °C maximum. Materials for nuts, studs, bolts and other mating surfaces include, but are not limited to Steel, Nickel alloys, Stainless Steel, Silver coated materials.

Grease, Aircraft, General Purpose, Low Temperature Range, Lithium Thickened

This specification covers grease for use within an aircraft. It also defines the quality control requirements to assure batch conformance and materials traceability, and the procedures to manage and communicate changes in the grease formulation and brand. This specification invokes the Performance Review Institute (PRI) product qualification process. Requests for submittal information may be made to the PRI at the address in 2.2, referencing this specification. Products qualified to this specification are listed on a Qualified Products List (QPL) managed by the PRI. Additional tests and evaluations may be required by individual equipment builders before a grease is approved for use in their equipment. Approval and/or certification for use of a specific grease in aero and aero-derived marine and industrial applications is the responsibility of the individual equipment builder and/or governmental authorities and is not implied by compliance with or qualification to this specification.