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Verification of Discrete and Packaged Photonic Device Technology Readiness

This document is intended for discrete and integrated digital, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), and analog/radio frequency (RF) photonic components developed for eventual transition to aerospace platforms. The document provides the reasons for verification of photonic device life test and packaging durability. The document focuses on pre-qualification activity at the optical component level to achieve TRL 6. The recommended tests in this document are intended to excite typical failure mechanisms encountered with photonic devices in an aerospace operating environment, and to build confidence that a technology is qualifiable during a program’s engineering and manufacturing development phase. This recommended practice is targeting components to support electrical-to-optical, optical-to-electrical, or optical-to-optical functionality. Passive optical waveguide, fiber optic cable, and connector components that are integral to a photonic package are included.

Characterization and Requirements for New Aerospace Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - Jumpers, End Face Geometry, Link Loss Measurement, and Inspection

To create a standard that instructs both supplier and user in the testing and characterization of initial build fiber optic cable assemblies for avionics/aerospace applications. This can be in the plant or in the avionics “box.” It includes specification of jumpers (aerospace measurement quality jumpers), end faces, link loss requirements and inspection.

Fusion Splicing for Optical Fibers

This document provides an orientation to fusion splicing technology for optical fibers and fiber optic cable. It is intended for managers, designers, installers, and repair and maintenance personnel who need to understand the process of fusion splicing. This technology is widely used in telecommunications and industrial applications, and is finding acceptance in aerospace applications.