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Technical Paper

Energy Efficient Fan Design

Aerodynamic calculations are being used to design cooling fans which utilize engine power most efficiently. A computer program is used to perform the complex calculations and to determine the most efficient fan design for a given application.
Technical Paper

Hybrid Fans for Construction Equipment

Molded blades on stamped steel spiders meet today's demand for low inertia, light weight, and lower cost cooling fans for construction and other heavy duty applications. Hybrid construction also permits use of wider blades for increased efficiency. Finite element modeling and extensive laboratory testing assure predictable durability.
Technical Paper

Designing the Engine Cooling Fan

Designing fans for engine cooling systems requires an understanding of the wind tunnel performance test, its limitations, and its correlation with installation performance. Dimensionless correlations of fan geometry and performance data provide a tool for a rational selection of the fan geometry. Materials and construction are predicted on durability considerations.
Technical Paper

Reducing Fan Noise in Construction Equipment

Cooling system fan noise reduction can be best achieved by a combination of aerodynamic design and control of the fan environment. Design for minimum noise is a complex procedure that requires the optimization of fan geometry and fan environment, maximum efficiency at the operating point and the lowest possible blade tip speed. Good noise measurements are essential to research and development activities in fan noise reduction. Computer aided design techniques are required to optimize the fan.