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Technical Paper

Noise Reduction in Exhaust Piping System by Use of Heat-Resistant Epoxide Muffler

Automobile and motorcycle mufflers, installed in a restricted space, must effect noise reduction without interfering with engine efficiency. Experiments were performed in this study, using heat-resistant epoxide resin in place of expandable steel as the material for the muffler of a gasoline engine exhaust system. The findings show that use of heat-resistant epoxide resin as the material for a portion of a gasoline engine exhaust system i.e., : the muffler, results in noise reduction, even in a restricted space. This resin is also effective in bringing about weight reduction, vibration reduction and rust-proofing, and is expected to contribute to reduction of back pressure in exhaust piping systems.
Technical Paper

Research on Noise Reduction by Use of a Hybrid Muffler

Evidence has been obtained in this study to indicate that the hybrid muffler made up of heat-resistant thermosetting resin, ceramic paper, and carbon fiber felt used as a noise absorbing material, can reduce the noise without any compromise in engine performance. Further, it has been confirmed that a highly reliable muffler may be designed using this approach.