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Technical Paper

SOCRATES: System of Cellular RAdio for Traffic Efficiency and Safety

SOCRATES is the largest project in the European Communities' research programme DRIVE. The objective is to investigate the use and feasibility of a Road Transport Informatics (RTI) system based on cellular radio, and to make recommendations which could lead to the use of a pan-European cellular radio system such as GSM as the basis of the DRIVE “Integrated Road Transport Environment” (IRTE). The overall concept is based on the collection, storage and processing of road traffic information within traffic control centres, and on the two-way information flow between vehicles and roadside infrastructure: firstly to send information to drivers and their in-car units, secondly to collect real-time traffic data and other messages from the vehicles. The paper presents an overview of the SOCRATES concept and its results and conclusions to date, including the implementation of the major test site in Gothenburg.
Technical Paper

Euro-Projects Within the Drive ATT programme: A Review of Integrated Field Trials in European Cities

The paper assesses the effectiveness of the European approach to testing Advanced Road Transport Telematics (ATT, or IVHS in the US) systems within the urban field trials of the European “DRIVE” programme of research and development. It reviews progress in the major urban pilot projects, or “Euro-Projects”, and anticipates future achievements building on the results of the projects. It reviews the currently competing technologies and provides an update on their evolution. It discusses in-vehicle systems in particular and concludes that the widespread commercially availability of driver information and navigation systems could follow soon after the completion of the current projects. The main objective of the European Commission's current DRIVE programme of Advanced Road Transport Telematics (ATT) is to validate results from DRIVE 1 projects by means of field trials, or pilot projects. There is a strong emphasis on the integration of ATT applications within pilot projects.
Technical Paper

Advanced Traveller Information Systems in Europe: A Review of the Prospects for Successful Commercial Operations

In-vehicle information systems using new generations of communications and information technology are already with us. Developments in the European programmes DRIVE and PROMETHEUS are aimed at bringing closer full commercial implementation of sophisticated travel and traffic information systems which will provide benefits both to individual users and to the community in terms of improved transport efficiency. The objectives of many projects include the integration of several applications of Advanced Road Transport Telematics (ATT), often focusing on the provision of better information to travellers. This paper is based upon material to be published [1] in a book later in 1993. It provides information on the history and evolution of this potential multi-million pound industry.
Technical Paper

The Development of IVHS in Europe

Over the past two years a variety of European IVHS initiatives have emerged, quickening the pace set by earlier development work such as Autoguide and LISB. Migration from early conceptual development to tangible technologies, almost ready for large-scale exploitation is well underway. In particular, the EC DRIVE Programme and the European vehicle manufacturers PROMETHEUS Programme have acted as catalysts in generating interest in the application of the new technologies. The complete range of European IVHS initiatives is wide and varied. However it is not our intention to offer a comprehensive overview in this paper. Instead, this paper covers an outline of current European IVHS applications and develgpments, focusing on those technologies that are, or likely to be, implemented on a significant scale, over the next 5 years.