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Technical Paper

Development of Nickel-Base Superalloy for Exhaust Valves

These days, nickel-base superalloy has been applied to reduce the valve weight of motorcycles. Inconel 751 is excellent in performance but expensive in cost. Therefore, we verified the constituents of nickel-base superalloys corresponding to the requirements of valves and we succeeded in developing a new superalloy and applying it to motorcycle exhaust valves. The characteristics are summarized as follows: 1. The basic composition is Fe-46Ni-18Cr-4Ti-1Al-0.3C-0.004B. It is a precipitation-hardened nickel alloy characterized by precipitation of Ni3 (Al,Ti) and, crystallization and dispersion of fine TiC. 2. It has the following distinctive features. (1) Superior to Inconel 751 in wear and heat resistance. (2) Superior to 20-11P steel in resistance to lead oxide corrosion. (3) Applicable to both unleaded and low-lead gasoline. 3.
Technical Paper

Trends in Engine Valve Development for Automobiles and Motorcycles

Engine valve development trends are to first, reduce the costly metal content and secondly, increase strength or reduce weight. These developments can be used to reduce valve cost or fuel consumption or increase power. The authors developed a new strain age hardening type alloy, NCF2415C, which has both good cold forgeability and heat resistance. Its chemical composition is Fe-24Ni-15Cr-2.2Ti-1.5Al-0.5Nb-0.02C-.006B-2Cu. This new alloy and the establishment f cold forging technology made it possible to develop cold forged exhaust valves having durability equal or better than the conventional hot forged exhaust valves.