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Lutz and Fisker introduce new Viper-powered Force 1 supercar

VLF Automotive, a partnership of industry veterans Bob Lutz and Henrik Fisker and industrialist Gilbert Villarreal, showed Force 1, a Viper-derived sports coupe, and promises delivery for June. Its V10 engine is tuned to deliver 745 hp.

Automotive prepares for 3D printed-part assault

The use cases for three-dimensional printed automobile parts are plentiful, but production applications of the additive manufacturing process have been almost non-existent -- until now.

Ford debuts Mustang convertible and revised Focus

The company celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Mustang's launch with the introduction of the 2015 convertible and a 50th anniversary special edition at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. Refreshed Focus gets dynamic and electronic improvements.

Ford aims 2017 GT supercar at the street and Le Mans

The GT will be produced as a production street car and will also serve as a new GT-class racecar platform for Ford's 2016 return to the 24 Hours of LeMans. The automaker also debuted new editions of the Raptor high-performance pickup and an R version of the recently introduced Shelby Mustang GT350.

3-D 'printed car' displayed at NAIAS

Car put on display is based on electrical and mechanical components from a Renault electric vehicle "city car" simply as a proof of process. Much testing and refinement remain. Help is being provided by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and SABIC.

Ford GT prototypes "run naked" in public-road testing phase

The 2017 GT development program has begun testing in southeastern Michigan, with the exotic American supercars running “naked” as they rack up miles amid daily commuter traffic. Automotive Engineering encountered and photographed one of the off-tool prototypes recently.

In search of the lightweight, multi-material car

Steel, aluminum, and plastics are vying for additional assignments as automakers look for ways to lightweight vehicles to meet the U.S. government's 2025-mandated 54.5-mpg fleet average.

Aluminum laser-welded blanks

Shiloh Industries claims to offer the industry’s lightest aluminum door blank for mass production without compromising part integrity or formability, allowing automakers to further reduce mass compared to existing methods.

Graphene composites for cars

Polymer composites reinforced with the "wonder material" graphene could cut structural weight by a third or more, researchers claim.

Peterbilt, Exa examine the aerodynamics of drafting

As part of the U.S. DOE SuperTruck program that was awarded to Cummins and Peterbilt Motors, a series of investigations was conducted on the aerodynamic ramifications of traffic. One such investigation, carried out by experts from Peterbilt and design software provider Exa Corp., focuses on the impact of traffic conditions on aerodynamic drag for typical tractor-trailer separation distances at typical highway speeds.

Ford researches 'intelligent' lighting systems

The automaker is developing a camera-based lighting system that can automatically widen dipped beams at road junctions and roundabouts. It is also researching infrared image triggered spotlighting and an intelligent GPS linked system.

Hyundai enhances NVH with 2016 Tucson’s re-engineered suspension—including ‘world first’ dual-member damper housing

No area of the third-generation Tucson crossover utility vehicle was left untouched by Hyundai engineers, but particular attention was placed on re-engineering the chassis for improved ride and handling, and importantly, better NVH characteristics. The CUV employs a dual-reinforcing panel rear wheelhouse design, which optimizes panels that are prone to vibration, resulting in a 109% increase in rigidity.