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SAE Award Recipient Profile

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement! Please complete the following profile to assist SAE with making your experience as an award recipient a positive and noteworthy occasion.

SAE Medal of Honor - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1986, this award recognizes and honors a living SAE member for unique and significant contributions to SAE which strengthen or add to SAE's ability to further its purpose. The significance of such contribution(s) shall have been tested over time and shall be regarded as a major factor in SAE's success. SAE Past Presidents are eligible for this award, but the contribution(s) for which they may be nominated must have been initiated and proven as major factors to SAE's success after their term of office has been completed; any initiated prior to, or during their Presidential term, are not acceptable as the basis for nomination. Unlike other SAE awards that honor technical achievements or outstanding accomplishments in the various fields of mobility engineering, this award recognizes an individual's contributions to the overall SAE organization. The award consists of a bronze medal and is presented at the WCX World Congress Experience.

Myers Award for Outstanding Student Paper - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1997, this award is given annually for the best technical paper presented by a student. The paper must be based on work done by the lead author(s) while a student. The presentation of the technical paper must be made by the student at a major SAE meeting. Technical papers presented from June through May of the following year are eligible for the award annually. The award recognizes the late Dr. Phil Myers and his wife Jean for their lifelong devotion to students and SAE. Myers was a renowned expert on internal combustion engines, and before his retirement, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Together with his wife, they set a high standard for excellence, concern for students, and involvement with SAE. The award consists of an attractive memento as well as a cash honorarium to the lead student author. This award will be presented at a major SAE event or conference

L. Ray Buckendale Lecture - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1953, this award provides for an annual lecture that deals with ground vehicles for either on- or off-road operation in either commercial or military service. The intent is to provide procedures and data useful in formulating solutions in commercial vehicle design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance. L. Ray Buckendale, 1946 SAE President, by his character and work, endeared himself to all who were associated with him. Foremost among his many interests was the desire to develop the potential abilities in young people. To this end, the lecture is directed primarily to the needs of young engineers and students with emphasis on practical aspects of the topic. Sponsorship of the lecture is rotated among companies within the commercial vehicle industry. Current sponsors include: Cummins Inc. Dana Holding Corp. Eaton Corp. Meritor Inc. ZF/ TRW Automotive This lecture is presented at The COMVEC™ Technology Connection.

Russell S. Springer Award - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1954, this award recognizes the author of an original and outstanding technical paper that is published in SAE literature in the year for which the recipient is selected. The technical paper shall demonstrate and be judged on originality, outstanding content and contribution to the industry. To encourage younger member achievement, the recipient must be an SAE member who is 36 years of age or younger at the time of the presentation. The award honors the late Russell S. Springer who funded this award through his bequest. The award consists of a framed certificate and a $2000 honorarium. It is presented at an SAE Conference Event

Ralph H. Isbrandt Automotive Safety Engineering Award - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1972, this award annually recognizes the author(s) of the most outstanding SAE technical paper or journal article on the subject of automotive safety engineering. During his 45-year automotive career, Isbrandt, SAE's 1967 President, provided a constant inspiration to young engineers seeking and following a mobility engineering career. The award is funded from an endowment comprising donations from American Motors Corp., Chrysler Corp., Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp., the 2nd International Passive Restraint Systems Conference Banquet Committee, and Isbrandt's many friends. The award consists of a framed certificate and bronze medal (for the lead author when co-authors exist) and is presented at the SAE Government/Industry Meeting.

SAE IHI Achievement in Boosting Endowment

This award honors the best innovation and/or implementation of new ideas in boosting systems by an individual or a team that have positively impacted the industry. New ideas not just in the area of performance, but also in the areas of fuel economy, emissions, cost, quality and reliability that generate a positive impact within the automotive industry will be considered.

SAE/Ramesh Agarwal Computational Fluid Dynamics Award - Participate - SAE International

The SAE/Ramesh Agarwal Computational Fluid Dynamics Award recognizes professionals (individual or team) who have made significant science and engineering contributions to computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Nominees may be professionals from industry, academia, or government who have made contributions to CFD and its applications within the aerospace or ground vehicle industries. Nominees will be assessed based upon their development of CFD methods/technology, their significant contributions such as new methods, new or enhanced software, or simulation processes and their positive impact in the Industry or Engineering Community 10-years of demonstrated professional contributions to CFD and its applications preferred but not required (this does not include graduate school studies) The award was established with a generous gift from the Agarwal family and honors Ramesh Agarwal, the William Palm Professor of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, a world-renowned leader in CFD.

Bill Agnew Award for Outstanding AWIM Volunteers - Participate - SAE International

Established in 2003, this award recognizes volunteers who further develop students' understanding and experience in math and science by helping teachers use the A World In Motion (AWIM) materials in the classroom. The nominee must be a volunteer that has assisted a teacher integrating the AWIM program in the classroom and must have participated in classroom activities during the current academic year. Nominees do not have to be professional engineers. College and/or high school students who have served as volunteers and non-engineers are eligible for the award as well as professional engineers. The award honors Dr. William G. Agnew, retired from General Motors Research Laboratories. His concept for establishing the AWIM program and his support of AWIM since its inception deserves recognition by this award. The award consists of a framed certificate and an honorarium. It is presented at either an SAE Section meeting or at the school where the engineer volunteered.

Arch T. Colwell Cooperative Engineering Medal - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1976, this award recognizes a unique and outstanding contribution over a period of time to the work of the technical committees under the SAE Executive Standards Committee in developing standards, specifications, technical reports, and data through cooperative research. The medal was named in honor of Arch T. Colwell, its first recipient and 1941 SAE President. Dr. Colwell symbolized the dedication and devotion of SAE members who work to further the objectives of the SAE Executive Standards Program. The award is intended to stimulate technical committee members to greater accomplishments and the realization of satisfaction that comes from sharing their expertise. Rules

SAE Foundation Industry Leadership Award - Participate - SAE International

The Industry Leadership Award recognizes individuals who have made meaningful contributions to the mobility industry. Nominees must have achieved the following: A significant level of success in their STEM careers. Demonstrated innovation and risk taking. Established a new direction or developed a position which challenged their industry. Made contributions outside of their industry, exemplified through community education, philanthropic or government activities. Award Sponsor: DENSO

Max Bentele Award for Engine Technology Innovation

Established in 2001, this award annually recognizes an SAE member whose work has furthered innovation in the manufacture, design and improvement of engine technology for ground, air or space vehicles. The award honors Max Bentele for his contributions to the field of mobility engines and his encouragement for others to innovate and promote advances in the area. The award is designated for engineers who have at most been out of school for ten years, who have made a major contribution through a new idea, concept, innovation or application which provides a recognized improvement in engine technology and which has been verified through proof of concept demonstrations. It is intended to recognize the global nature of the SAE and the breadth of the mobility community that it serves. The award is made possible by a contribution from the Max Bentele Foundation. The award consists of a engraved memento, a $6,000 honorarium, and a copy of Dr. Bentele's book "Engine Revolutions."

Marvin Whitlock Award - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1988, this award annually recognizes an individual or team for significant technical contributions and/or innovation related to operational availability of aircraft. Operational availability includes areas such as repair design, tooling, maintenance practices, logistics, inspection, modification and safety. The award acknowledges and commemorates the distinctive management contributions of the late Marvin Whitlock, Senior Vice President-Maintenance and a member of the Board of Directors of United Air Lines. The award consists of a bronze medal and an honorarium and is presented at an SAE aerospace meeting.

Lloyd Reuss Award for Teaching Excellence - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1998, this award recognizes elementary school teachers that further develop the understanding and experiences in math and science in elementary students. To be eligible for this award, nominees (individuals or teams) must be elementary teachers (K-6) from public, parochial, or private schools, and must have demonstrated exemplary use of the AWIM program curriculum. Applicants will be judged on the following criteria: Quality of the teacher/volunteer partnership, Quality of the teaching experience, and Quality of the student experience. This award honors the work and dedication of Lloyd Reuss, former President of General Motors Corp. and Chair of the SAE VISION 2000 Executive Committee. Reuss' support of the AWIM program was the building block of this award. The award consists of a framed certificate and a $2,000 honorarium that will be divided equally between the teacher and the elementary school where the program was implemented.

SAE Outstanding Faculty Advisors Program for Student Branch and Collegiate Design Series Team Advisors - Participate - SAE International

This program was setup to support the continued development of outstanding faculty advisors. Specifically, SAE wants to continue to encourage and help these advisors to maintain currency in automotive engineering and education, by providing stipends to allow the most effective advisors to attend SAE Conferences and SAE Professional Development courses. The future of SAE International, and the industry sectors we serve, is heavily dependent on our ability to develop the next generation of engineers and leaders. Faculty Advisors and Collegiate Design Series (CDS) Team Advisors who are actively engaged with their students are critical to our continued success. Dedicated Faculty Advisors encourage students to join SAE International and participate in Collegiate Chapters and the Collegiate Design Series, which helps them develop key skills that are transferrable to their career.

SAE/InterRegs Standards and Regulations Award - Participate - SAE International

Established in 2000, this award recognizes a practicing engineer who has provided significant contributions to standards, regulations or conformity assessment systems for improved safety or reduced emissions in a ground vehicle mobility product. The individual can work on the standards/regulation language and/or on product to comply with the standards/regulation. The award was established by InterRegs Ltd. as a way to reward significant participation in standards, regulations or conformity assessment systems by engineers and to encourage increased participation in the future. The award is presented at the SAE Government/Industry Meeting or at an appropriate SAE International meeting. Honorarium up to $6,000.

SAE Sid Olsen Engineering Executive of the Year Award - Participate - SAE International

Established, in 1995, this award recognizes an outstanding engineering executive in the off-highway industry. Candidates are nominated by their employees, colleagues, supervisors or the local SAE Section, with the nomination supported by another individual from the same group. The nomination and the supporting document should clearly state information to judge the individual's capabilities against the qualifications listed below. The nominee will be judged primarily on the basis of the following qualifications: Field proven products and/or services Successful protégés Outstanding teams developed Unquestioned integrity Charismatic leadership Creation of a supportive environment allowing a customer/product focus. This award honors Sid A. Olsen, his contributions to the off-highway industry, and the outstanding engineering management values he personified. Olsen, an SAE Fellow, was Manager of Engine Engineering at John Deere Product Engineering Center.