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Thermal Systems & Management Systems, 2007

Providing thermal comfort to the occupants and thermal management of components in an energy efficient way has challenged the automotive industry to search for new and innovative approaches to thermal management. Hence, management of heat flow, coolant flow, oil flow, and airflow is extremely important as it directly affects the system performance under full range of vehicle operating conditions. The 31 papers in this technical paper collection describe methods or concepts to increase efficiency, improve occupant comfort, improve test methodology and minimize the environmental impact of the climate control system; and thermal management components addressing design and/or application topics.

Latest Advances for Commercial Vehicle Drivetrains, Powertrains, and Transmissions 2010

This technical paper collection contains 53 technical papers. Topics covered include engine exhaust aftertreatment and integration; hybrid vehicle integration and optimization; powertrain and drivetrain NVH; advanced transmission and driveline component design; diesel engine system design; fuel economy; alternative fuels; and advanced engine component design.