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Making sense on sensors AutoDrive Challenge team from North Carolina A&T State University gets the most out of its few sensors. Victory at last The first Formula SAE win of Polytechnique Montreal: why keeping it simple and being prepared was the key. Keeping it light Gram by gram, students at Ningxia University carve weight off their SAE Aero Design East plane to win the 2019 competition.

Autonomous Vehicle Engineering: January 2020

Editorial Defining and standardizing AV tech and testing The Navigator Automakers at fault if V2X spectrum is lost Superior Interiors New-mobility thinking is changing how vehicle interiors will work for everyone. Democratize AV Technology! Aptiv's new generation of open-sourced architectures based on a few central processors aims to speed AV adoption. CTO Glen DeVos explains. Wired for Autonomy Wiring harnesses are already heavy, complex and costly, so what happens when AV equipment is added? An expert from Mentor weighs in. Autonomy's 'Pirouetting' Future Protean Electric's novel 360-degree steering and in-wheel drive systems add new potential for urban mobility. Restructuring for Autonomy At the dSPACE World Conference, engineers gained new insights into digital development and virtual design and testing.

Tech Briefs: December 2018

Single Event Effects in High Altitude Aerospace Sensor Applications Metal Additive Manufacturing Current State of the Art in Laser Powder Bed Systems Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Cut Cost, Save Weight, and Speed up Production Testing Military Vehicle Steering Systems Cognitive Radio: The New Architecture of Space Communications Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of 2-D and 3-D SiC/SiNC Ceramic-Matrix Composites Determining the potential of ceramic-based materials for reducing weight, saving fuel, and improving performance in aerospace gas turbine engines. Evaluation of Peel Ply Surface Preparation of Composite Surfaces for Secondary Bonding Reducing process steps associated with hybridized structures could reduce manufacturing costs.