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Effective Writing for Engineering and Technical Professionals

The ability to write concise and unambiguous reports, proposals, manuals, or other technical documents is a key skill for any high-functioning engineer or technical staff person in the mobility industries. Through a combination of class discussions, interactive workshop activities, assignments, checker teams (review teams) and job aids, this course delivers real-life technical writing techniques and tools that can be immediately applied. Attendees discover the importance of knowing their audiences and how to communicate technical information in a "user-friendly" style.

CAESAR® Final Report - CD-ROM

The CAESAR (Civilian American and European Surface Anthropometry Resource) research project was a landmark study that has brought us the most current data on civilian body measurements. This final report details the methodology of the study and the data gathering process. It gives detailed explanation on the survey instruments used, how the study was conducted and who was included to achieve a valid demographic sampling. The product provides a wealth of information on this large scale and statistically valid research project.
Training / Education

Additive Manufacturing Bundle

Many companies are starting to recognize the benefits additive manufacturing (AM) offers in terms of speed, simplicity, reliability, and cost. Additive manufacturing is a process in which a three-dimensional computer model design is built into a physical object by joining thin layers of material. AM is a versatile field that encompasses a variety of methods, materials, and applications. These classes explain the fundamental concepts of additive manufacturing, including the main principles behind AM and the safety precautions to take during the process.

Metric Stud Holes For Aerospace Electrical & Electronic Wire Terminating Devices

The purpose of this MAP is to establish stud hole clearance diameters to accept standard Metric studs. This is based entirely on recommendations set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO Recommendations R273, Clearance Holes for Metric Bolts (Fine series) and R286, ISO System of Limits and Fits (H14 series) were used to establish the size and tolerance for each stud hole in the MAP.

Fitting End, Dimensions, Fluid Systems Port Connection, Metric

This design standard specifies the dimensions of the externally threaded fitting end to be assembled into an internally threaded fluid system port, using an elastomeric o-ring for sealing. Fitting end dimensions and o-ring sizes agree with ISO 7320-1985.