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Serial Hi-Rel Ring Network for Aerospace Applications (RingNet)

This standard establishes the design requirements for a fiber optic serial interconnect protocol, topology, and media. The application target for this standard is the interconnection of multiple aerospace sensors, processing resources, bulk storage resources and communications resources onboard aerospace platforms. The standard is for subsystem interconnection, as opposed to intra-backplane connection.

IEEE-1394b Interface Requirements for Military and Aerospace Vehicle Applications

IEEE-1394b, Interface Requirements for Military and Aerospace Vehicle Applications, establishes the requirements for the use of IEEE Std 1394™-2008 as a data bus network in military and aerospace vehicles. The portion of IEEE Std 1394™-2008 standard used by AS5643 is referred to as IEEE-1394 Beta (formerly referred to as IEEE-1394b.) It defines the concept of operations and information flow on the network. As discussed in 1.4, this specification contains extensions/restrictions to “off-the-shelf” IEEE-1394 standards and assumes the reader already has a working knowledge of IEEE-1394. This document is referred to as the “base” specification, containing the generic requirements that specify data bus characteristics, data formats, and node operation.