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Unmanned Canada works to elevate drones

The 2016 Unmanned Canada (UC) conference, hosted in Alberta, provided a venue for many specialist companies to outline their programs for new UAV technologies, capabilities, products, and services.

Dual-core lockstep processors

Synopsys, Inc.’s DesignWare ARC EM Safety Island IP dual-core lockstep processors simplify development of safety-critical applications and accelerate ISO 26262 certification of automotive system-on-chips (SoCs).

Caterpillar reveals next-gen dozers, excavators, motor graders

Caterpillar presented an onslaught of new machines—24 to be exact—at its Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center in Peoria, Ill., during its recent year-end press briefing. “More choices for customers” was a common theme across product lines.

SAE/AISI Sydney H. Melbourne Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Automotive Sheet Steel - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1997, this award recognizes an author, who, in his/her paper, effectively demonstrates ways to further the use of sheet steel in automotive applications. The paper must be well organized, written in a succinct manner and possess excellent technical merit. It should also foster long-term benefits to sheet steel industry professionals worldwide. The award honors the memory and accomplishments of the late Sydney H. Melbourne of Dofasco Inc., and encourages others to strive for the level of excellence he attained within his organization, the steel industry and the automotive marketplace. The winning paper authors each receive a silver brushed plaque and split a $3500 honorarium. The award is presented at the Awards Ceremony during the WCX World Congress Experience.

DARPA works toward unmanning aircraft

DARPA’s Aircrew Labor In-cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) program envisions flight operations with reduced onboard aircrew while improving mission performance and flight safety. This is achieved with a tailorable, drop-in, removable kit that would provide advanced automation to existing aircraft.

Marvin Whitlock Award - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1988, this award annually recognizes an individual or team for significant technical contributions and/or innovation related to operational availability of aircraft. Operational availability includes areas such as repair design, tooling, maintenance practices, logistics, inspection, modification and safety. The award acknowledges and commemorates the distinctive management contributions of the late Marvin Whitlock, Senior Vice President-Maintenance and a member of the Board of Directors of United Air Lines. The award consists of a bronze medal and an honorarium and is presented at an SAE aerospace meeting.

Russell S. Springer Award - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1954, this award recognizes the author of an original and outstanding technical paper presented at an SAE meeting that is published in SAE literature in the year for which the recipient is selected.  The technical paper shall demonstrate and be judged on originality, outstanding content and contribution to the industry.  To encourage younger member achievement, the recipient must be an SAE member who is 36 years of age or younger at the time of the presentation. The award honors the late Russell S. Springer who funded this award through his bequest. The award consists of a framed certificate and a $2000 honorarium. It is presented at the Awards Ceremony during WCX: World Congress Experience.

High-temperature pressure sensor

The Endevco model 8523 high-temperature pressure sensor from Meggitt Sensing Systems (Irvine, CA) uses silicon strain gages to enable gage and differential measurements.

NASA InSight landing a success

With the harrowing approach and landing complete, InSight will commence on a two-year mission to study the deep interior of Mars to learn how all celestial bodies with rocky surfaces, including Earth and the Moon, formed.

SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: CES

One of the fastest growing and most important car-industry shows starts this week in Las Vegas and it doesn't even have the word 'automotive' in its title.

Max Bentele Award for Engine Technology Innovation

Established in 2001, this award annually recognizes an SAE member whose work has furthered innovation in the manufacture, design and improvement of engine technology for ground, air or space vehicles. The award honors Max Bentele for his contributions to the field of mobility engines and his encouragement for others to innovate and promote advances in the area. The award is designated for engineers who have at most been out of school for ten years, who have made a major contribution through a new idea, concept, innovation or application which provides a recognized improvement in engine technology and which has been verified through proof of concept demonstrations. It is intended to recognize the global nature of the SAE and the breadth of the mobility community that it serves. The award is made possible by a contribution from the Max Bentele Foundation. The award consists of a engraved memento, a $6,000 honorarium, and a copy of Dr. Bentele's book "Engine Revolutions."

Boeing completes assembly of the first 777X

In a major production milestone called “final body join,” Boeing teams connected the major fuselage sections of the first 777X long-range, wide-body airliner in the company’s factory in Everett, Washington.

Waymo’s end game: beat Conti, Delphi and Valeo in self-driving tech?

CEO John Krafcik told the Automobili-D audience in Detroit that Waymo is building its own hardware suite with a fully top-to-bottom, full-stack approach. The classic auto industry vertical integration includes all vision sensors, radars and LiDAR, along with related “AI compute” artificial-intelligence platform.