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Technical Paper

Actual Recyclability of Selected Honda Vehicles

The purpose of the recyclability pilot project was to evaluate and confirm the reality of reuse, material recycling and landfill potential of parts and components over a range of Honda vehicles by model and year. A total of 18 vehicles, model years ranging from 1982 to 2001, were selected for study and processed at two automotive recycling centers and a scrap metal processing facility with an automotive shredder. The automotive dismantlers identified which parts and components were removed for reuse or remained with the hulk for further processing at an automotive shredder facility. Dismantling times and part weights were recorded and dismantling procedures were videotaped. The remaining hulks were delivered to the scrap metal processing facility for further processing. After shredding, the ferrous, nonferrous and landfill materials were separately collected for determining weights of these different process outputs.