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Technical Paper

Simulation Study of Hydraulic Differential Drive Free-piston Engine

The hydraulic free piston engine is a complex mechanical-electro-liquid system, in order to simplify the complex system of the single hydraulic free piston engine, a new method for the driving of hydraulic free piston engine is proposed. Hydraulic differential drive achieves the compression stroke automatically rather than special recovery system. The structure and principle of hydraulic differential drive free-piston engine are analyzed and the mathematical model is established based on the piston force analysis and the hydraulic system working principle. In addition, the control strategy of this novel hydraulic driving engine is also introduced. Finally, the transient results of dynamics are obtained through simulation. Then we compare our results to the ones from the hydraulic free piston engine made by the company Innas.
Technical Paper

Scheme Design and Performance Simulation of Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Gasoline Direct Injection Engine

In this paper, a new-type balanced opposed-piston two-stroke (OP2S) gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine is developed by Beijing Institute of Technology. OP2S-GDI engine has some potential advantages such as simple structure, good balance, compact, high power density and thermal efficiency. The structural feature of OP2S-GDI engine leads to the performance difference compared with conventional engines. In order to study and verify the characteristics of this kind of engine, the dynamics characteristics and design scheme of opposed crank-connecting rod mechanism, in-cylinder scavenging process, mixture formation and combustion process are investigated. The influence of parameters on engine performance is investigated, including opposed-piston motion phase difference, intake and exhaust port timing, injection and ignition timing.