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Technical Paper

Automatic Generation Method of Test Scenario for ADAS Based on Complexity

ADAS must be tested thoroughly before they can be deployed for series production. Comparing with road and field test, bench test has been widely used owing to its advantages of less labor costs, more controllable scenarios, etc. However, there is no satisfied systematic approach to generate high-efficiency and full-coverage test scenarios automatically because of its integration of human, vehicle and traffic. Most of the test scenarios generated by the existing methods are either too simple or too few to be able to achieve full coverage of requirements. Besides, the cost is high when the ET method is used. To solve the aforementioned problems, an automatic test scenario generation method based on complexity for bench test is presented in this paper. Firstly, considering the fact that the device is easier to malfunction under complex cases, an index measuring the complexity of test case is proposed by using the method of AHP.
Technical Paper

Automotive Crashworthiness Design Optimization Based on Efficient Global Optimization Method

Finite element (FE) models are commonly used for automotive crashworthiness design. However, even with increasing speed of computers, the FE-based simulation is still too time-consuming when simulating the complex dynamic process such as vehicle crashworthiness. To improve the computational efficiency, the response surface model, as the surrogate of FE model, has been widely used for crashworthiness optimization design. Before introducing the surrogate model into the design optimization, the surrogate should satisfy the accuracy requirements. However, the bias of surrogate model is introduced inevitably. Meanwhile, it is also very difficult to decide how many samples are needed when building the high fidelity surrogate model for the system with strong nonlinearity. In order to solve the aforementioned problems, the application of a kind of surrogate optimization method called Efficient Global Optimization (EGO) is proposed to conduct the crashworthiness design optimization.
Technical Paper

Study on the Controlled Field Test Scenarios of Automated Vehicles

Function and performance test of automated vehicles in the closed field is a necessary way to verify their safety, intelligence and comfort. The design and number of test scenarios will influence if the automated vehicles can be tested and evaluated effectively and fast. Based on the interrelationship among the vehicle, driver’s (or control system) driving strategy and road, we use the permutation and combination method to compare the relative position and movement relations between an automated vehicle (vehicle under test) and the surrounding vehicles to generate a total possible test scenarios group.