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Technical Paper

4th Generation Diesel Piezo Injector (Realizing Enhanced High Response Injector)

Diesel common rail injectors are required to utilize a higher injection pressure and to achieve higher injection accuracy in order to meet increasingly severe emissions, less fuel consumption, and higher engine performance demand. In addition to those requirements, in conjunction with optimized nozzle geometry, a more rectangular injection rate and stable multiple injections with shorter intervals are required for further emissions and engine performance improvement by optimizing the combustion efficiency.
Technical Paper

Realizing Robust Combustion with High Response Diesel Injector with Controlled Diffusive Spray Nozzle and Closed Loop Injection Control

The Diesel engine performance was drastically improved since the introduction of the Common Rail system in 1996. Over the years, the Common Rail technology was continuously improved to reduce the fuel consumption, engine-out emissions and enhance the drivability. However further technical improvement steps for a precise control of combustion are required to satisfy the increasing stringent worldwide emissions limits and to contribute to attractively performing Diesel powered vehicles. Common Rail injectors significantly contribute to improve the combustion. This improvement can be achieved by precisely controlling the injected fuel quantity and increasing the injection pressure. In addition to those features, a more rectangular injection rate, the capability of stable multiple injections at shorter intervals and the control of the spray shape, are required to achieve an optimized fuel mixture.