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Technical Paper

VAVE Design of Anti-Hop Clutch for Motorbikes

Anti-Hop Clutches are popular for bikes above 400 cc. They offer the advantage of better driving stability in lower gears and during down shifting. The currently used designs of such clutches are having different constructions with complex geometry parts and almost 30% more number of parts (compared to standard clutch) are used in some designs to achieve the desired 'Driving Assist' and 'Coasting Slip' effect. The production process used, demands for specialized tools for manufacturing the complex geometry of parts and the price of the clutch assembly is more than double as compared to standard, equivalent design of multi plate wet clutches. These type of clutches are commonly known as - Anti Hop Clutch or Slipper Clutch or Assist and Slip clutches. To achieve same performance benefits with simpler design, less number of parts with a Flexibility to alter the Assist and Slip effect to suit the application, Endurance Technologies Ltd. developed a new concept.