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Technical Paper

Analysis of Door and Glass Run Seal Systems for Aspiration

Nonlinear finite element analysis has been applied to determine the conditions conducive to seal system aspiration. Aspiration noise occurs and propagates into the passenger compartment of a vehicle when there exists a gap between the seal and sealing surface due to pressure differential between the vehicle interior and exterior. This pressure differential is created by the vehicle movement which reduces the pressure acting on the exterior surface of the vehicle, and it is on the order of , where ρ and U∞ are the density of air and vehicle speed, respectively. The pressure difference is also created by turning on the climate control system which pressurizes the passenger cavity. Since aspiration increases door seal cavity noise level and creates a direct noise transmission path without any significant transmission loss, the presence of an aspiration noise source can dominate the vehicle interior noise level if it is close to the driver or passenger's ears.
Technical Paper

Sound Package Design for Lightweight Vehicles

OEMs are racing to develop lightweight vehicles as government regulations now mandate automakers to nearly double the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks by 2025. Lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber composites are being used as structural members in vehicle body and suspension components. The reduction in weight in structural panels increases noise transmission into the passenger compartment. This poses a great challenge in vehicle sound package development since simply increasing weight in sound package components to reduce interior noise is no longer an option [1]. This paper discusses weight saving approaches to reduce noise level at the sources, noise transmission paths, and transmitted noise into the passenger compartment. Lightweight sound package materials are introduced to treat and reduce airborne noise transmission into multi-material lightweight body structure.