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Technical Paper

Nox Reduction Catalysts for Vehicle Emission Control

IIEC efforts to develop NOx catalysts with improved durability have continued. Properties of several nickel oxide catalysts on pelleted, monolithic ceramic, and metallic supports are discussed and the engineering requirements for their effective use are defined. Some promoted nickel oxide, pelleted catalysts show good low-temperature activity, and produce minimal amounts of ammonia but are strongly deactivated by sulfur in the feed gas. Monolithic and metallic catalysts, on the other hand, although not active at temperatures below 1000 F, are very active at higher temperatures where deactivation by sulfur and ammonia formation are not troublesome.
Technical Paper

NOx Reduction Catalysts for Vehicle Emission Control

This project developed and evaluated a catalyst system for oxides of nitrogen control to achieve target reduction levels established for the Inter-Industry Emission Control (IIEC) Program, with concurrent control of the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. The major effort described is the evaluation of catalysts and the development of a suitable exhaust gas-temperature environment. The objective was met, with the exception of long-term durability, by using a pelleted, nonnoble metal catalyst and a special container design.