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Technical Paper

An Urea Lean NOx Catalyst System for Light Duty Diesel Vehicles

Future European air quality standards for light duty diesel vehicles will include stringent NOx emission regulations. In order to meet these regulations, a lean NOx catalyst system may be necessary. Since the catalytic removal of NOx is very difficult with the large concentration of oxygen present in diesel exhaust, a reductant is usually added to the exhaust to increase the NOx conversion. This paper describes a lean NOx catalyst system for a Transit light-duty truck which uses a reductant solution of urea in water. In this work, a microprocessor was used to vary the amount of the reductant injected depending on the operating conditions of a 2,5 L naturally aspirated HSDI engine. The NOx conversions were 60% and 80% on the current European driving cycle and the U.S. FTP cycles, respectively. Data on the emissions of HC, CO, NOx, particulate mass and composition, individual HC species, aldehydes, PAH and most HC species were evaluated.