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Technical Paper

Performance of Plasmaspray Coated Bore 4.6L-V8 Aluminum Block Engines in Dynamometer and Fleet Vehicle Durability Tests

Application process, and performance in engine dynamometer and high mileage vehicle fleet durability tests of Plasmaspray coated bore aluminum block engines are discussed. Fuel economy, oil consumption, power and wear data for Ford 4.6L-V8 aluminum block engines utilizing very low cost iron/iron oxide base coatings, and stainless steel/BN solid film lubricant Plasmasprayed coatings are presented. Test results from Ford's 100 hour Piston & Gasket Engine Dynamometer Durability Tests, and Fleet Vehicle Durability Tests show ring/bore wear reductions of more than 40% relative to production cast iron bore systems with Oil Economy averaging more than 13,600 km/l (8000 mi/qt).
Technical Paper

Engine Studies of Solid Film Lubricant Coated Pistons

An investigation describing engine friction reduction benefits attainable via the introduction of Solid Film Lubricants to piston skirts is presented. Ford II-25 thermoset and II-25 waterborne molybdenum disulfide based solid film lubricants were shown through single cylinder motored engine experiments, to produce piston system friction reductions of 12 to 17% at 1500 rpm. Further tests undertaken in fired engine dynamometer studies, on a 1.91 1-4 CVH engine, demonstrated total engine friction reductions of 6% at W.O.T. conditions. The reduced engine friction resulted in lowering BSFC at 850 rpm by 3 to 4%. Tests conducted by Powertrain Operations confirmed durability. II-25 thermoset was selected for production implementation on all new Ford engines starting from model year 1995.