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Development of a New Powertrain for Subcompact Electric Vehicles

Honda has developed a powertrain for 2013 subcompact class EVs. This powertrain has both high power and low loss in order to provide the EV with better marketability than existing EVs, with the world-best energy efficiency and class-exceeding dynamic performance. To achieve the energy efficiency, this powertrain also has a function of cooperative control with a newly developed electrically operated servo brake system. To achieve the high dynamic performance, a new rotor shape has been introduced to the electric motor, and the power control unit (PCU) is equipped with a high thermal conductivity heat sink. The battery system allows high output power in a compact structure because of a triple parallel module group configuration and an air-cooling system. As a result of these innovations in the powertrain, the vehicle attains 82 miles of driving range while achieving world-leading energy efficiency of 29kWh/100 miles.