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Technical Paper

Development of a Hybrid System for the V6 Midsize Sedan

The Accord Hybrid has been developed to offer the driving performance of a V6 midsize sedan while achieving Civic class fuel economy. The engine is based on a V6 3.0L SOHC VTEC engine, with VCM (variable cylinder management) system. The transmission is a thin 5-speed automatic transmission, modified to integrate with a hybrid system for idle stop, regeneration driving and so on. The IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system is based on the model employed in the Civic Hybrid. During development the size of the thin DC brushless motor was increased and an IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) rotor employed, resulting in an improvement of approximately 26% in maximum torque. Controls were developed to effectively utilize the deceleration energy regenerated by the IMA system that assist in providing expansion to the 3-cylinder operation zone, and increase the frequency of the 3-cylinder operation.