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Technical Paper

Development of Plastic Fuel Hose with Pressure Pulsation Reduction

Recently, the electronic fuel injection systems have been widely applied to small motorcycles including scooters. In the high pressure fuel lines, plastic hoses have been increasingly used instead of conventional rubber hoses. As the plastic hose is less elastic than the rubber hose, the fuel pressure pulsates more in the plastic hose. To cope with this issue, we have conducted researches on how the fuel pressure pulsation in the plastic hose affects the accuracy of fuel injection. Keeping our eyes on the pulsation damping effects derived from the changes of volume due to the expansion and contraction of hose when the pressure changes, we have established the analysis method for optimization of the inner diameter and the thickness of the hose utilizing CAE analysis. The newly-developed plastic hose is applicable to motorcycles having a single cylinder 250 cm3 engine using an injector of a high static flow rate.