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Technical Paper

Honda New In-Line Five Cylinder Engine-Noise and Vibration Reduction

Extensive studies in various technological fields have been conducted to determine the most appropriate engine configuration (arrangement and number of cylinders) for Honda's next-generation compact luxury automobiles. One of the basic concepts incorporated into these models include an ‘exhilarating drive’. Studies in the noise/vibration field disclosed that noise/vibration levels must be reduced while simultaneously realizing linearity in noise/vibration increase. As a result, an in-line five cylinder engine was chosen for this purpose. Additionally, Honda designed a new five-point engine mount system for a longitudinally-mounted engine in its FWD layout. Crankshaft rumbling noise in the in-line five cylinder engine was proven to be caused by crankshaft torsional resonance, as found in previous research of in-line four and six cylinder engines. This noise deteriorates linearity sensation.