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Technical Paper

Advanced Hydro-Mechanical Transmission with High-Durability for Small Utility Vehicles

The new automatic transmission, A-HMT (Advanced Hydro-Mechanical Transmission) has been developed for the Honda ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), which is for wide applications such as utility, recreation, etc. The A-HMT system features high performance, durability and reliability attained by improving the structures from the original hydro-mechanical automatic transmission used for the scooter called “Juno”, which Honda had produced many years ago, working on the same principle. In addition to it, by applying the electronic control system, the highly responsive driveability that suits the requirements of ATV's has been realized. The A-HMT is installed in the new 500 cm3 ATV, FOURTRAX FOREMAN RUBICON, which has been introduced in the USA market since June 2000.
Journal Article

New Generation Hydraulic-Mechanical Transmission with Lock-up Mechanisms and Automatic Start Clutch

New Generation Advanced Hydraulic-Mechanical Transmission (A-HMT) with the Lock-Up mechanism and the automatic start clutch mechanism was developed. In the lock-up mechanism, an electronic control in conjunction with transmission control was adopted using oil temperature, throttle opening, and input / output rotation ratio as parameter to reduce a rotational energy change of input and output axis caused by the volumetric efficiency of A-HMT. In the automatic start clutch, the load sensing function, damper function, and cooling function by replacing the simple hydraulic mechanism are equipped. By these solutions, the transmission efficiency has enhanced approximately 10% compared with former A-HMT, and excellent starting performance and smooth transmission performance have achieved.