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Technical Paper

Mojacar Brake Wear and NVH: Dyno Simulation Concept

Efficient development and testing of brake systems requires further substitution of expensive and time consuming vehicle testing by appropriate dynamometer testing. Some of the current simulation methods do not reflect the needs of engineering and the progress made in the development of test equipment. The lack of suitable procedures may cause unexpected delays in the realization of projects. Road load simulations for lifetime prediction on brake dynamometers have a long history, however never got a real break-through in Europe - possibly because the prediction quality and efficiency did not satisfy. This paper concentrates first on the analysis of the vehicle data recorded in Mojacar (Spain) which is a sign-off test for wear and noise for brands of Ford Motor Company for European market. Specific attention is given to different types of driving resistances and road profiles and to consideration of different methods for numerical description and comparison of road load data.