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Technical Paper

Three Dimensional Crankshaft Vibration Analysis Including Gyroscopic Effect

It has been recently reported that the crankshaft vibration provides the main exciting source in the power train vibration. This paper presents the analytical method for the vibration of crankshaft by using the finite element method. The optimization process is employed so that the beam model of the crankshaft can have the same natural frequencies as those of solid model on the free-free condition. The mode analysis of the crankshaft whirling is made in the consideration of the gyroscopic effect and the changes of the natural frequencies are also studied with the increase of the engine speed. Finally, the forced vibration of the crankshaft is solved on the time domain and the results are compared with those of the experimental measurements of bending moment by using the strain gage. This crankshft system model can be used to analyze the forced vibration of the full power train as well.