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Technical Paper

Single Stage Driver Airbag Module Development for OOP

A driver airbag module has been developed with single stage inflator in an attempt to determine the 05th% ATD measured dummy injury response (“MDIR”) in out-of-position scenarios (two NHTSA positions). Through computer simulations, dynamic MDIRs for in-position 05th%ile and 50th%ile dummies were evaluated as well. It typically takes many design iterations to finalize a driver side module configuration to meet FMVSS208 regulatory conditions. Some typical parameters are tear seam cover design, cushion folding pattern and inflator output. In this paper, a Taguchi design of experiments was used to evaluate the influence of module design parameters. A MDIR comparison between a proposed new driver airbag module with a single stage inflator and a baseline module with a dual stage inflator was made not only for out-of-position tests, but also in-position crash simulations.