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Technical Paper

Smart Power Supply Concept for 32-Bit Microcontroller Applications

The increasing complexity of automotive electronic systems can only be managed by a higher integration of the modules and a high reliability of the individual electronic devices. That means, the number of electronic components on board will decrease and their complexity will increase. This paper describes how to meet the requirements for the power supply of a 32-bit microcontroller based system in an automotive environment.
Technical Paper

High-End Automotive Servo Drives

The importance of electrical motors in the automotive industry is growing. Besides standard brushed DC motors, mainly found in body and convenience areas, multiphase unipolar BLDC motors, generally used in open loop pump drives and HVAC applications, are becoming more and more widespread. These technologies have been around for some years now and are quite well covered. As well as AC induction motors, some emerging applications (mainly in the areas of powertrain and chassis control) implement permanent magnet synchronous motors with closed loop and vector-controlled technology. These applications call for a new drive concept. This paper analyzes the various requirements and proposes a suitable concept.