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Technical Paper

Estimation of the Muscle Efforts of the Lower Limb during a Clutch Pedal Operation

This study was motivated by the simulation of the muscular forces developed during a clutch pedal operation. Fifteen subjects took part in the experiment. Four design parameters (seat height, pedal travel, pedal travel inclination, pedal resistance) were controlled. 28 configurations were tested. For each trial the subjects were asked to rate the perceived discomfort. Individual muscular forces of the left leg for each trial were simulated using motion reconstruction, inverse dynamics and static optimization. The analysis of these simulated muscular forces gave an insight into the way a clutch pedal operation is performed in terms of muscular exertion and coordination. Similarities in muscular force patterns of different subjects were found. The way a change in conception parameters of a car interior affected this muscular exertion was also investigated. This last point revealed that some conception parameters did affect muscular forces significantly.