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Technical Paper

Study of Impact of Shot Size Ratio in the Process of Shot Peening on Fatigue Life of Suspension Coil Spring

Hardened steel is the majorly used raw material for automotive components. In spite of its abundance, its application is limited due to low fatigue life in dynamic loading. Shot peening is one of the identified processes to improve the fatigue life of the ductile steel by inducing the work hardening & surface improvement. The process of shot peening involves the bombardment of shots on the component surface. As the process & technique, the shot size selection plays very important role in the fatigue life improvement as it alters the results substantially. Also during the process, shot size decreases due to the normal wear of the shots after hitting the component surface. As a result, there is always a ratio of various sizes of the shots involved in the process. Therefore it becomes imperative to control the shot size ratio for obtaining the required work hardening & possible fatigue life improvement.