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Technical Paper

NVH Improvement by Design Optimization in Radiator Fan Module

With increase in product diversity in passenger car market, the need for NVH comfort has gained very strong foothold in every segment. This needs in depth analysis for limiting the noise at part level. Radiator Fan Module is one of such part which contributes to Cabin comfort in major way. In this paper, author is focusing on designing of RFM (Radiator Fan Module) in order to have low noise. Primary objective of RFM is to meet Heat rejection requirement with optimized air flow. Radiator Fan is primarily responsible for meeting air flow requirement within specified noise limit. For flow inducing components like Radiator Fan, there is always a trade-off between the functional requirement and the noise from various sources (Electrical / Mechanical / Flow). Design of Fan blades and Motor Support ribs in RFM is critical to improve Flow noise, i.e. Air cutting noise.