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Technical Paper

Application of Indirect Force Estimation Techniques to the Automotive Transfer Case

In the NVH design optimization of automotive structures, the spectral properties of dynamic forces transmitted from rotating machinery to its housing is of primary interest. This paper describes the application of an indirect dynamic force estimation technique, more commonly known as transfer path analysis, to an operational transfer case. Through the implementation of an inverse transfer matrix technique, dynamic forces transmitted to a transfer case housing are estimated at a discrete number of locations. This paper describes the experimental and analytical methodology employed for dynamic force estimation as well as statistical techniques for solution optimization. Good correlation is shown to exist between frequencies of known physical phenomena and estimated dynamic forces for a total of nine (9) operational variations of transfer case speed and torque.
Technical Paper

Extraction/Filtration of Transients Embedded in Stationary Signals Using Wavelets; Focus on Extraction of Frequency Response Functions

Recent trends in signal processing have led to the discovery and implementation of wavelets as tools of many different applications. This paper focuses on their use as a tool for transient extraction. From the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), specific coefficients are picked using a coherence-based criterion. These coefficients are then taken back to the time domain as the extracted transient. If the extracted transient is a response from a measured input, then a frequency response function can be formulated.