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Technical Paper

Development of an FRF Based Order Tracking Technique to Separate Close and/or Crossing Orders

A frequency domain order tracking method is developed that is able to separate both close and crossing orders. This method is based upon the multiple input H1 FRF estimator. The method can use either the actual tachometer pulse train or a simulated chirp function as an assumed input to formulate the FRFs which are actually order tracks. The advantages and disadvantages of using each type of assumed input are discussed. The performance of this method in both simple and complex order tracking cases is evaluated. Analytical datasets are used to evaluate the performance of these order tracking methods under a variety of operating conditions which include close orders. Finally, this paper will develop the necessary derivation to show the analytical relationship between the Time Variant Discrete Fourier Transform (TVDFT) and the FRF based techniques, one being an order domain method and one being a frequency domain method.