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Technical Paper

Studies for Headlamp Optical Design Using LEDs

The studies for headlamp optical design using current available and future projected white LEDs have been conducted. With desires of high performance and compact packaging sizes for both high and low beam headlamps, using LED light sources is a great challenge for the headlamp design optical engineers for light collecting efficiency, beam pattern compression and optical accuracy. Although total lumen flux produced by the LEDs may be comparable to the exiting light sources, e.g., incandescent bulbs, the optical and mechanical characteristics of LEDs may limit the headlamp applications. The paper identifies the etendue concerns and limitations for automotive headlamps when using LED light sources. It provides a guideline for considerations of using LEDs for automotive headlamp applications.
Technical Paper

Design Considerations in Exterior Automotive Courtesy Lighting

Utilization of new technologies, such as LEDs, light guides, and electro-luminesence (EL), in courtesy lighting offers promising opportunities in styling, packaging, and functionality. Although these lamps are not as strictly regulated as other automotive lighting, considerable investigation is required to meet the desired styling and performance. In this paper we present the results of a study on running board lighting. This investigation was used to guide development of external courtesy lighting, where direct light, reflected light, contrast, and directionality are all design considerations.