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Technical Paper

The Influence of Aerodynamic Lift on High Speed Stability

The effect of aerodynamic lift on both straight line stability and lane change manoeuvrability of several small and medium sized European passenger cars has been determined from subjective track tests. The straight line and manoeuvring performance degrades with increasing lift and decreasing pitching moment. Increasing speed exacerbates the problem.
Technical Paper

Transient Aerodynamic Characteristics of Simple Vehicle Shapes by the Measurement of Surface Pressures

Transient force and surface pressure data has been measured on a range of simple geometric shapes in order to gain an understanding of the complex time dependent and separated flow around a vehicle when subjected to a crosswind. The experiments were carried out using the Cranfield University model crosswind facility. It is found that the leeward face is the dominant area of transient activity. Maximum and minimum peak yawing moments at gust entry and exit are compared