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Technical Paper

Methodology for Press Fit Validation

Industrial applications frequently use interference between shafts and holes to fix parts together. The present work shows the methodology for validation of Finite Element calculus for press fitting a shaft in a dust shield hole. In the case of study the dust shield can be easily hit by shocks during transport and handling of the product. The shocks would change the position of the parts and consequently the new position could become a quality problem. The process of verification determines the factors which become the project more robust using the technical of Design of Experiment (DOE). The test and the computational simulation are shown as parallel way to determine the appropriate friction coefficient which could be used to predict the assembling and disassembling force for current project as well as the new design with similar features.
Technical Paper

Correlation between Simulations and Tests for Determining the Stress State on Raceways of Bearings Due to the Press Fitting and Loading at Test Rig

Nowadays it is common for engineering applications the usage of software in parallel to test for a better understanding about some phenomena of study. The present paper intents to correlate different software and experimental practices to understand the stress state on the bearing raceway. The most important factor which determines the bearing life is the operational load. Others factors such as the stress state on the raceway due to press fit process can contribute to reduce the bearing life. A large number of factors have been studied to know the behavior of press fit. This paper, treats about the press fit and operational loading.