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Technical Paper

REDSOD - A New Concept in Earthmoving

REDSOD, an acronym for Repetitive Explosive Device for Soil Displacement, utilizes the energy generated within a combustion chamber by the combustion of compressed air and a hydrocarbon fuel to displace and move soil or material. An integral wedge-shaped base shoe with a large exhaust opening in its top surface is pushed into a soil overburden at depths up to 5 ft or more by a transporting vehicle. When the combustion chamber pressure has reached a maximum value, the hot, high pressure gases are released through the exhaust opening under the soil overburden. The soil is disaggregated and displaced up and out of the excavation. Deflectors can turn the direction of the soil's trajectory to deliver it to one side of the excavation. A greatly increased productivity per unit of equipment is possible over conventional earthmoving means.
Technical Paper

Improved Military Standard Piston Rings for Industrial Gasoline Engines

This paper discusses the experimental work that produced a revised military standard piston ring (conformable steel-rail oil control ring) with improved oil consumption and wear characteristics. The testing of these parameters was accelerated by the use of radio-tracer techniques. The effects of variables such as engine speed, load, jacket temperature, air-fuel ratio, intermittent starts and stops, and cyclic load operation is described. Performance characteristics of the present standard and experimental piston rings are included.