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Technical Paper

Study on the Effect of Inverter Modulation Methods and Operating Condition on Common Mode EMI for Motor Drive System

There are many electronic devices in electric vehicle (EV), making its electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) serious. Motor drive system is the main interference source of EV, whose electromagnetic interference (EMI) is much worse than conventional vehicle. In this paper, the motor drive system of EV was mainly researched, and a co-simulation method was proposed: control system and motor model were established with Matlab, and the equivalent circuit model of inverter and the cable model were established with Saber. By this way, a complete motor drive system model for conductive EMI was obtained. This modeling method can not only accurately establish the EMI sources and coupling paths, but can simulate the control strategy and operating conditions.
Technical Paper

Study on Electromagnetic Model and Characteristics of Electric Vehicle

Electromagnetic compatibility of electric vehicles is withstanding great challenges because of multiple ECU and actuators distributed in vehicle. At present, researches on electromagnetic characteristics of vehicle mainly focus on rectification based on the EMC experiment, which take much time and energy. Thus, this paper adopts the way of computer simulation studying the electromagnetism model and electromagnetic characteristics of electric vehicle with following procedure. Firstly, the equivalent model of wiring harness was deduced and built. Harnesses were divided into different groups according to terminal reflection property. The equivalent unit parameter matrix was calculated to build the equivalent wiring harness. The crosstalk and radiation cases were set to check the equivalent harness method.