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Technical Paper

Development of New Plug-In Hybrid Transaxle for Compact-Class Vehicles

To help respond to growing customer demand for environmentally friendly vehicles, a new transaxle for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) has been developed that achieves excellent fuel economy and ensures high performance when the PHV operates in electric vehicle (EV) mode. Under the basic concept of sharing a large number of parts with the transaxle in the all new Prius, the newly designed PHV transaxle was developed with the aim of enhancing EV power and range. To achieve our goal, the new transaxle uses a Dual Motor Drive System that operates the generator as a motor to supplement the existing motor. It also features an electrical oil pump (EOP) that improves cooling performance in EV mode. The developed transaxle helps to advance the PHV as a key next-generation environmentally friendly vehicle by maximizing the performance of the Toyota Hybrid System (THS) and achieving even better dynamic EV mode performance than the new Prius HV.
Technical Paper

Development of Shift Control System for Multi Stage Hybrid Transmission

Toyota Motor Corporation developed a new hybrid system, Multi Stage Hybrid System, for the Lexus flagship coupe LC500h with the aim of achieving an excellent balance between fuel economy and acceleration performance. The Multi Stage Hybrid Transmission used in this new hybrid system includes a shift device located immediately after the power split device and motor. Compared with previous hybrid systems, the new hybrid system improves fuel economy by reducing electrical loss in the optimal gears, which are selected depending on the driving state. The system also improves acceleration performance by increasing the driving force at low and medium vehicle speeds in lower gears. In addition, the range of the power split device that cooperates with the shift device was widened to enable both an electrically-controlled continuously variable transmission mode and a ten-speed transmission mode, which creates a direct shift feeling to improve driving pleasure.
Technical Paper

Development of New Hybrid Transaxle for Compact-Class Vehicles

1 As the demand for so-called eco-cars has been increasing recently, new hybrid transaxle P610 has been developed to achieve outstanding fuel economy and an excellent driving performance. P610 was installed in the 4th generation Prius, the first car to implement TOYOTA's new development strategy, TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). In order to accomplish the goal, radical reduction of mechanical loss, size and weight, dual-axle motor structure are adopted to draw out the potential capability of the THS (Toyota Hybrid System) to the maximum extent possible. Furthermore, placing the compact power train low, which is realized by installed the PCU(Power Control Unit) on top of the transaxle, led to provide the low center of gravity of the vehicle and excellent driving performance.