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Technical Paper

Development of NOx Reduction System for Diesel Aftertreatment with Sulfur Trap Catalyst

The Diesel Particulate and NOx Reduction System (DPNR) is an effective technology as a diesel after-treatment system, which can reduce particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) simultaneously. However, it requires desulfurization control since the DPNR catalyst is poisoned by sulfur components in the exhaust gas from the fuel and lubricant. Desulfurization control causes some degree of fuel penalty and thermal deterioration of the DPNR catalyst because it requires control of rich air fuel ratio and high temperature simultaneously. In this paper, we investigated a new system with a sulfur trap catalyst which can trap sulfur components included in the exhaust gas as sulfates (Sulfur trap DPNR). In this system, desulfurization control is not performed because the sulfur poisoning of the DPNR catalyst is drastically suppressed by the sulfur trap catalyst. In the present DPNR, periodic desulfurization control is required.
Technical Paper

Development of New Concept Catalyst for Low CO2 Emission Diesel Engine Using NOx Adsorption at Low Temperatures

In this study, instead of investigating NOx storage reaction improvements, the NOx adsorption phenomenon was focused on and analyzed to improve NOx trapping performance at lower temperatures. As a NOx adsorbing material, "Ag" was expected to enhance NOx adsorption and reduce the sulfur regeneration temperature due to the abundance of adsorbed oxygen and moderate basicity. However, when using this material in an actual system, we had to reduce the sulfur regeneration temperature, increase NOx adsorption capacity and improve NOx desorption further. Addition of TiO₂, working as an acidic material, was found to decrease sulfur regeneration temperature. Additionally, it increased the NOx adsorption capacity through improved Ag dispersion which plays an important role in NOx adsorbing. Consequently, a greater NOx trapping performance than NSR catalyst was achieved at lower temperatures.