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Technical Paper

Simulation Analysis of Head and Neck Dynamic Response

The objectives of this study are to quantify the biomechanical properties of the human neck which govern head and neck dynamic response and to establish the mechanisms responsible for primary aspects of response. Computer simulations with the MVMA 2-D and VOM 3-D occupant dynamics models were performed using head and neck sled input response data from human subjects at the Naval Biodynamics Laboratory for input and comparison. Predicted dynamic response data and preliminary values for biomechanical parameters in a three-dimensional head/neck model capable of accurately simulating response for −X, +Y, and −X+Y sled acceleration vectors are presented. The established analytical model should accurately predict head and neck responses in simulations of real-world automobile crashes where direct head impact is not involved. Additionally, the model can be used to assist in development of a design plan for the neck of advanced anthropomorphic test dummies.