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Technical Paper

Noise Identification and Reduction in Multiple-Piston Hydraulic Pump

The noise problem in a multiple-piston hydraulic pump was investigated through computer simulation combining lumped and distributed parameter models (CFD). Analysis results have shown that the source of noise is the turbulence flow and pressure perturbation in the pump gallery caused by check valve flow interference. It was identified that this flow induced noise can be reduced by modifying the check valve characteristic and its flow profile without compromising pump performance.
Journal Article

Active Roll and Stability Control

Computer Simulation was extensively utilized in the design and development of the Active Roll Control (ARC) system on LandRover 4X4 vehicle. An ADAMS model was developed integrating the electronic controller, hydraulic activation and vehicle model into one system of various degrees of complexity. Simulation results not only correlated well with vehicle test results, but also provided invaluable design guidelines crucial for solving key stability issues and successful product launch.